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About Us


Hi there, thanks for taking the time to visit the Bike Addiction homeimag1.png
website. Our site is primarily an information centre that is here to let you know just who we are and how we can help you enjoy your cycling experience all the more.

BA, as we call it, was created back in 1996. It has grown a
reputation for it’s straight out honest advice, industry leading
knowledge and award winning service. A good troll through some
consumer review sites would back this up. Bike Addiction is truly
one of Sydney’s premier bicycle stores and we can say that proudly. In an all but unregulated industry you are only as good as you choose to be and we choose to uphold high standards in everything that we do.

Our specialty is in the true top end; the performance side of bikes and bike racing. But don’t let that scare you if you’re just starting out. We’ve all got to walk before we can run. We had to make plenty of mistakes ourselves to know what we know today let me assure you. The best real world knowledge comes from having been there and had a crack at it yourself; falling on your face a few times in the learning process we reckon. So if you’re starting out, ask us questions, lots of them! That’s what we’re here for after all; and why we are a real store and not just a web page.

BA’s staff are here to guide you and help you with any question, query or advice you may need. Whether you’re a pro racer or an enthusiastic beginner you won’t get quality advice like ours anywhere else. Come in and experience the BA difference, we’d love to meet you…

BA’s staff dig it when people come in to the store with nothing but a sparkle in there eye and a passion to take up this great sport of ours that brings us so much enjoyment. Few things make our staff happier than when we get a phone call later that day from somebody all pumped and reporting back on their first real adventure on two wheels. That’s where the real reward lies for us, helping others enjoy what we love so much ourselves… Go on, have a go! You don’t know what you’re missing.

Thanks for stopping by….

Bike Addiction

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