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Mountain Bikes






The magic of the mountain bike, where would many of us be without our mountain bike these days, just think about it. How would you spend your weekend ? For many of us it has become a way of life, a part of our very lifestyle and identity. The love of two wheels is integral to all staff at BA.

Bike Addiction is pretty switched on when it comes to mountain bikes. We probably have the most knowledgeable staff in Sydney if not Australia. Some of our staff have been professionally testing mountain bikes and products from every corner of the globe for over ten years for some of Australia’s leading cycling publications. Bike Addiction is contacted regularly by it’s suppliers for suggestions and feedack on their products and how they can improve them for subsequent seasons. So if you think BA staff might know a bit more than your average shop; then you’re probably right. We select our bikes carefully at BA and simply won’t sell something we wouldn’t ride ourselves...

So what MTB brands do BA offer?

We stock Giant bikes as our primary brand and these are the first choice of many of our staff. Amazing quality, consistency, performance and value.

Bike Addiction has many other brands knocking on the door each season wanting to find a place on our shop floor. We maintain access to many of them but just don’t have the space to put them in.

Use the links in our Store Catalogue to browse our extensive range ...

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