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Interested in the pure freedom of a new road bike ? Do you want that feeling of speed, efficiency and exhilaration when you pump the pedals ? Well, we understand that feeling very well. There’s a fair bit involved in getting everything right for you though, more than you may think. We encourage you to have a read through a few of our suggestions to help you on your way.

When purchasing a road bike, there’s far more to consider than you may initially think. It’s not just all about carbon versus alloy and Sram versus Shimano versus Campag, as interesting as this facet of the buying experience may be.

Have you stopped for a second to consider biomechanics ? We firmly believe that the most important thing on a road bike is you; more to the point, how you’re positioned on it. There are a multitude of theories, machines and computer programs that exist and are promoted to define this elusive position. Sadly, many of them miss the mark in our experience. This can cause long term injury and inefficiency. The best tool to help you achieve this performance edge can’t be bought off the shelf by just anybody. It’s called… experience !!!

Our bike fit expert, Sean, has experimented with his own biomechanics over the last two decades to better understand the cause and effect of positional changes. He has read and studied so much literature that his head hurts ! Sean has fitted thousands of people over the years and gained a wealth of experience in the process. When you purchase a road bike from us, this fitting is complimentary. This is valued at $100/hr and some stores charge up to $400. So consider this in your purchase, it’s the most important thing of all.

Some good advice would be, if a sales person hasn’t mentioned the need or asked you questions regarding correct fitting during the sales process, walk straight out the door ! It’s Paramount !

So if all this makes sense to you, drop in and see us. You won’t be disappointed !

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